Business Planning

Why do I need a Business Plan? What is the benefit?

There are three specific occasions where a Business Plan will become essential:

  • Starting a new business venture
  • Introducing a new product or service into an existing business
  • Raising or applying for business finance

However, any business benefits enormously from both the planning process and existence of the plan itself. The planning process can seem daunting, but it brings a sharp focus to all of the major threats and opportunities, provides a clear direction for everyone in the organisation to follow, and provides an unambiguous environment for decision making. Once the plan is completed rigorous consideration will have been given to all of the major components of your business putting you in a strong position to move the business forward effectively. For more information, or advice and assistance, contact us by phone or e-mail.

Business Feasibility

I have a brilliant idea, but is it a business?

Having a business idea is only the beginning. The crucial question is ‘does the idea make economic sense?’ The mechanism by which this question is answered is a Feasibility Study and this is where the whole process gets underway. The Feasibility Study would examine the viability and desirability of the product/service, the business model, the geography, the demographic detail, competitive environment and some early financial forecasts. All of this data is necessary to make an informed decision as to whether any further investment of time or money is prudent. The Feasibility Study addresses all points at a very broad level of detail and, if the results are encouraging, then more detailed work can be undertaken in the product/service development and business planning exercises. To get an independent view on your idea get in touch and talk it over.

Hiring New Employees

Business is expanding, but I don’t have the time to devote to the hiring process…

An expanding business places a huge number of demands on owners/managers and sometimes time, skills and expertise are stretched just a little too far. Planning for the hiring of additional employees can be daunting and labour intensive, even before you are ready to contact recruitment agencies. Good assistance and guidance can be the difference between hiring a strong suitable candidate or a ‘problem’ employee, and making sure you are ready to hire and do not fall foul of current legislation.

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Interview Coaching

I haven’t had an interview for years. How should I go about it?

Whether you have been made redundant, or are just thinking about changing jobs, the interview is the main hurdle to clear. Interviews are challenging and scary to most people purely down to lack of confidence and practice. Even though you may know your role and industry very well, it is always your nerves and the ‘soft’ questions that can trip you up. These days, opportunities may be scarce and competition is fierce so you cannot afford to squander those that come your way.

Be coached, be prepared, be successful.

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“Thank you for your support and common sense in coaching me. You will be pleased to hear that I felt much more in control during the interview and must have done well as the job offer came through this morning!”

SJ, Dorset

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