What can we do for you?

The Business Blend can assist in copy editing and proof reading a wide variety of projects for business clients, individuals, and publishers:

  • Marketing materials, reports, presentations (including PowerPoint slides with notes), white papers, newsletters, manuals and booklets
  • Curriculum vitae, theses, and official letters
  • Electronic and hard copy publications
  • Web content and CDs

We will check spelling, grammar and punctuation and ensure consistency and sense in all your written materials. We work on hard copy or on screen and can test the functionality of your website or CD as well as its text. We can help if you find yourself with a tight deadline, and can always guarantee total confidentiality in our dealings with you.

Style and tone of voice

Whether you are a business or an individual it is vital to present yourself in the best light. The message you are communicating must be consistent in its style and addressed to your audience in an appropriate tone of voice.
If you are unsure of your writing skills, it is always best to seek a second opinion.

But my English is ok…

If you have been wrestling with a long document, it is almost certain that you will not spot lurking mistakes because you will read what you think is on the page and not what is actually there! Software spellcheckers will not always save you—the word may be spelled perfectly but inappropriately used.

A professional check of your important documents is always worth the investment because we have all seen printed advertisements, newspaper articles or flyers through the door where someone has let themself down, inadvertently damaged their brand, and lost you as a customer. If you are wondering what value proofreading and copy editing can bring to your business or project click here.

For publishers: Mary Hobbins is educated to degree level with a good general knowledge; however, strongest subjects are business, educational textbooks and humanities.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Rates for these services will vary according to the size and complexity of your project.

“… and just to say that I have just had some very positive comments re the editing on the last book that you did for me. It looks good!”


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