Project Management

The project needs to start now, but the resources won’t be free for months…

Most large organisations are, and need to be, ‘project based’ in the modern world because change is everywhere.  Mostly we don’t get the luxury to choose start dates in an orderly fashion or when the required resources are available.  This is especially true for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) projects, which are driven by a myriad of forces both internal and external to an organisation.

The solution is to make use of professional contract Project Management services which can be brought into an organisation temporarily without major delays and usually without major Human Resource (HR) engagement.  Stakeholder management, project governance and project planning can begin within days of engagement, allowing the ground work to be in good shape for the organisation’s own resources to take over if required.  Alternatively, project continuity can be maintained throughout the project lifecycle should the resources not be available internally.

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Project Management Office

Surely  we have done this before… Are we reinventing the wheel again?

In any modern project based organisation two of the most important and costly project assets are time and skilled resource.  The most prevalent way that an organisation can waste both of these precious resources is to constantly ‘reinvent the wheel’. This is where the Project Management Office (PMO) can provide significant benefits which will ultimately reduce cost and increase efficiency and effectiveness. The PMO strives to develop, implement and maintain the necessary Project Management processes and standards which provide a solid framework to standardise project media and introduce economies of repetition in the execution of projects.  The PMO will enable an organisation to capture and reuse most of its knowledge, lower its costs, and project a more professional and competent image to the outside world.

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Project Support

Our Project Management costs seem high and need to be restructured

Project management costs can be high in some organisations. Project Managers are an expensive asset and should be deployed effectively.  The most successful way of reducing overall Project Management costs is to provide essential, specialised support for the project manager community.  Project Support provides invaluable assistance by removing unnecessary administrative activities, providing specialist knowledge of tools, and providing specialist skills in certain processes or functions like configuration or risk management.

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